Ravishing Ruffles


The phone rang and a pleasantly familiar voice marked its place on my phone.  On the other end was the sweet innocent voice of my dear god daughter…recipient of beloved birthday cakes year after year from her biggest fan…me!  The call comes the same time each year with the request for a specific theme for her dream cake.  Birthdays of the past have celebrated such themes as fairy gardens, American Girl, Pirates…the list goes on.  I have been fortunate enough to be a part of almost every birthday that she has celebrated and I cherish her call every year anxiously awaiting my next cake challenge.

This year was extra special, as she was turning 11, marking the beginning of some very important and influential teenage years.  The cake I would make for her celebration could be no ordinary creation.  As I scanned my mental library for creative ideas and memorable flavors, I began to reminiscence about the many cakes that have marked her celebrations of the past, from a little girl to a now blossomed young adult.  I wanted to create a beautiful and sophisticated cake to signify the important years that she has surpassed, yet exhibit delicacy and innocence to show her sweet and forever little girl side.  The flavor of the cake needed to exude sophistication as well.  After much thought, I decided on a Triple Lemon Cake which is one of her (and my) favorites.



I’m now forced to face the reality that she is growing up and isn’t the little girl that she used to be.  The days of themed birthday parties and cakes are inevitably behind us and her taste for just about everything has changed and matured.  With this said, I think that we all embrace a little piece of our childhood (whether realizing it or not) in an effort to stay young at heart.  She’ll always be a dear little girl in my mind and can always count on me to be waiting at the other end of the line each year to fulfill her special birthday cake wishes.


Happy Birthday Audrey!


6 thoughts on “Ravishing Ruffles

  1. UH oh. I think I feel a new cake coming on. (ALMOST every birthday???). Thanks so much for coming to her recital yesterday. She was so pleasantly honored to have you all there. So, I told her perhaps you and the girls could make the cake, while me and the little speed demon could find something exciting to do.


  2. Wow… I’m speechless. Not only with your BEAUTIFUL cake but also with your warm and beautiful way with words. You are amazing Shan…I’m blessed to call you family. Love you;)


  3. Oh how I wish I were your goddaughter!!
    Those frosting ruffles make me want to run my finger across the side for a taste! Absolutely gorgeous!!


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