Happy New Year & Icing Smiles!



As I reflect on the past year, I have so many unforgettable memories, but none compare with the experience that I had during this holiday season when I prepared a birthday cake for an organization called Icing Smiles.  This year I felt an overwhelming urge to share the holiday spirit with others.  I can say that over the years I’ve received many amazing gifts and shared many wonderful experiences, but few compare to the warmth and emotion that I received when I delivered this Sesame Street cake to the most beautiful and sweet little boy named Noah.

I’ve recently had the honor of becoming a part of this truly magnificent organization.  Icing Smiles is a national program that offers special occasion cakes to young children suffering with a critical illness.  What a wonderful concept I thought.  I know first hand that a cake can put a smile on the face of any child (or adult) even through the worst of times.  Even if it can provide the smallest escape from the daily turmoil of life, then it’s worth it.  I encourage you to visit the Icing Smiles website (www.icingsmiles.org) to read more about this exceptional organization and how to bake for a difference.

The buttermilk cake, buttercream frosting and vanilla pastry cream filling were all made with natural food dyes, by request, and proved to be quite a baking & decorating challenge as all new ingredients do.  Overall I was very pleased with the final product and was so touched when I received a photograph of Noah in front of his birthday cake with an ear to ear grin.  My happiest moment of 2011.


I was hoping to send my New Year’s wishes much earlier today, but we rang in the New Year without any electricity.  We lost power at about 11:30 last night (I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t have made it until midnight anyway) and it didn’t come back on until this afternoon.  I hope that’s not a sign of the new year to come!

I hope that each and every one of you has a prosperous, happy and very sweet New Year!

Sending much love and lots of sugar!



One thought on “Happy New Year & Icing Smiles!

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I saw your mom yesterday and she always fills me in on what you are busy doing. I know I’ll enjoy reading your blog and would also love to see some photos of Amy. Your cake was beautiful and how rewarding to be involved with this organization. Best of luck with your business! Carolyn Jackson


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